Sunday, August 13, 2017


Today I am going to move further up the channel towards Trenton and hope to get as far as Sandy Cove. I had a delightfully easy day yesterday in Prinyer's Cove, mainly reading and doing boat chores waiting for the wind to lessen.

Ok so this is why I like Canada.
Tim Hortons, a coffee chain that sells awesome coffee was founded 53 years ago by hockey legend Tim Horton.
The exchange rate is 1.27 US$ so that means that stuff here is cheaper. Plus they use dollar coins which I like and their money is colored with Queen Elizabeth on their $20 bill. Cute!
No Frills supermarket is seriously bare bones. The only credit card you can use is MasterCard otherwise it is cash only. They have cardboard boxes at the exit that you can put your groceries in with NO plastic bags!
Neat public art for it's enjoyment.

Finally, Canadians are nice. They are more likely to apologize to you if you bump into them even if it wasn't their fault. I had a motorist wave me across a pedestrian crossing even though he had a green light.

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