Friday, August 4, 2017

Fultonville, New York

Where? Ok I stopped overnight on the Erie Canal between locks 12 and 13 at a place that has one of those T/A truck stops. I have always wanted to try having a shower at one of these places and I was pleasantly surprised. Very clean and soft fluffy towels. Nice. I went there to buy some oil so I could change the oil on my Yanmar engine and while I was there, I had soup and salad from their salad bar. Not too bad!
I managed to put together a video of sorts to show you how I transit a lock. Apologies for the quality. As you can imagine, it is hard enough trying to control the boat let alone trying to record a decent video.
This morning I was slow getting started. The fog here is quite bad so I am in no hurry. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be stormy so I need to find a pleasant spot to stay tonight.

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