Monday, August 7, 2017

Phoenix, New York

Today I have decided to take a day off from my travels and I am on the waterfront downtown at a veritable oasis. I have free dockage, water, showers, electricity, coffee and bagels in the morning and Brat boys to run errands for me. One of them just brought me lunch.
A salad inside a freshly backed bread bowl. Delicious!
The tricycle in front of my boat is for my use so I have been using it to get diesel from the gas station to top up my tanks and later get some fruit and vegetables to provision before heading across Lake Ontario Wednesday. I am also changing the oil and filter in my Yanmar engine while I am doing this blog. There is supposed to be a concert in the park here tonight not 20 yards from the boat so that should be an added bonus. Brat boys (and girls) is a summer program that locals have set up to service the boaters on the canal. It is a stepping stone for youth America. As well, the park adjacent to my boat has locals that come by  to chat. This morning we watched 2 baby bald eagles and their mother on the other side of the river. How can you beat this cruising lifestyle?

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