Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cape Vincent, New York

Another delightful little town. It has everything you need, coffee shop, market, library,  Restaurant and even this.
It has a lovely park in the center of town.
But no wi-fi or cell coverage so I had to walk a mile out of town to get it. Sunrise this morning was pretty good and so was last night's sunset.
From what the locals tell me, this place has the "lake effect" in that they get a lot of snow. Oswego, where I just left from, got 17 feet of snow dumped on them last year. The population dwindles during the winter when 2 out of 3 residents head to Florida.
My voyage yesterday was very rough with a swell directly on my beam but it settled down as I got near the St Lawrence River. Today I am heading to Gananoque in Canada through some of the 1000 islands so it should be very picturesque.

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