Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Campbellford, Ontario Canada

Another delightful town and this one's claim to fame?
I had been told by several people that this bakery is the best and that there is a line out the door at 7am when they open! Well there wasn't a line at 7am but there was a steady stream of customers and considering nothing gets going around here until 9am, that's pretty good. And their cranberry cinnamon rolls we're to die for.

So I am very impressed with the Trent Severn Waterway. The locks are a lot cleaner than the Erie Canal and there are at least 3 staff on duty at them compared to just 1 on the Erie. I did a video of my transit through Lock 8.
Hopefully it will make up for the terrible one I did on the Erie Canal.

I am off again today along the TSW with 12 locks already under my belt.


  1. This city looks like those small towns that we watch in old movies. I love such places which have a vintage look and brings back memories of the novels I used to read about such small towns.

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