Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 8 in the yard

Last day tomorrow and then back to (paid) work. Today started off with a very nice Nescafe instant coffee and tour of my neighbor's boat.

I really like his clean decks and it inspires me to get rid of all the old rubbish on my boat.
Another package arrived. This time it is gasket for my port windows.
It was nice to work inside out of the heat.
I tested them all and they do not leak however as a backup I improvised with this.
Lunchtime was cold, left over pizza. Mmmmmmmmm!
I installed my secondary 35 lb CQR anchor.
My intention is to buy a 45 lb Rocna with 300 feet of chain as my primary, but I will put off this purchase for when I start cruising.
Good old Turtle wax make a really good rust remover almost like toothpaste for cleaning up my stainless turnbuckles. It works like magic.
 I nearly threw out this oil lamp because it smells up the inside of the cabin but I like the ambiance out in the cockpit.
Ahhhhhh! Sitting outside at sundown and listening to the quiet is quite delightful.
OK that lasted 5 minutes and the nasty kitchen cupboards kept looking at me so I did a spot of painting to round out the day.

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