Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unpacking a new Monitor Windvane

A self steering windvane is an essential piece of equipment for a long distance sailboat. I ordered a Monitor Windvane from Scanmar International out in California and it arrived today.
All 73 lbs of it but most of the box was filled with peanuts.
Pulled the pieces out one by one. Here comes the paddle.
Here are all the contents laid out.
There are 2 airvanes at the top of the photo, the body, the rudder and 2 struts that attach to the boomkin.
Also a box of parts above and below the documentation including the manual.
This large purchase was one of about 4 that I was expecting during the refit of the boat. I still have to get an adapter plate from Bud Taplin at to be able to connect it onto my boomkin.
It feels considerably lighter than my current Aires windvane but still heavy enough that I really want to take the mast down before I connect it to the boomkin.

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