Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Day in the yard

Basically a cleanup day. I decided to clear all the rainy day stuff that had been accumulating on my deck.
A lot of it got taken away by the dumpster divers, including all the mahogany and teak scraps, the bumpers and the stainless steel pulpit. But the boat decks look a lot cleaner now.
 I am a bit of a pack rat at heart but clutter really stresses me out and there is no room on this boat for stuff that is not ideally designed for the task at hand. Take the stainless pulpit for instance. I was thinking of cutting it up into pieces and using these for my solar panel mounts. Trouble is I really would like 1" diameter piping rather than the smaller 3/4" on the pulpit. Anyway for better or worse, it is all gone now.
Did lots of scraping, cleaning and painting inside out of the sun.
It was the hottest Florida day so far so I drank lots of fluids and hunkered down in the air conditioned V berth like the wimp I am. Not like my neighbor............
He works outside on his boat in the searing heat from dawn to about 10 pm, when the mosquitoes or something must drive him inside. I thought I was a hard worker but Ed takes the cake.
Anyway I am done now for another few months when I can come back and work on her some more. She is starting to look quite ship shape but there are a lot of crucial details that need doing.

I had intended to work on the engine and the all important rigging will have to come later but is on the top of my to do list. The problem with the rigging, is that I really need to pull the mast to do a decent job of it and then have plenty of time to work on it before I put it back up. I will be back to check on her October 25 when there is an East Coast Westsail Rendezvous in Melbourne, FL.


  1. Hi Peter.
    Thanks for contacting me. The similarities are interesting. I'll enjoy watching your journey. If you make your way around the West Coast of the US, stop in San Pedro. I'll take you for a sail. ;-)

    1. Thanks Tom and I am envious of your new looking boat and would love to go sailing on her. Sounds like I will have to do some training to keep up with your running too!-)


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