Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's a tough world at the moment

So I am supporting the economy.

I actually have way too many projects going on concurrently. The solar air vent is for the broken one you can see above the head but it doesn't quite fit. So in the meantime it sits above the dorade vent above the nav station where it fits perfectly.
I actually have 4 vents and I will see how well the solar vent works out before I commit to more of them. I also received some fuse mounts for the batteries and that needs to go to the top of my to do list.
I had a great day today. Last night in my heat induced stupor, I fired up the AC and had an excellent night's sleep as a result. Today was a balmy 90 degrees. Phew! What a difference a day makes. This morning I drove up to fast signs and picked up the boat signs. I asked Lonnie how I could remove the old sign adhesive and he showed me his secret weapon.......citric acid. He gave me a little amount and that stuff is incredible. Easy, peasey (how do you spell that?) to get the old stuff off. He also explained how to mount the new sign. It sounded simple enough but it was so windy when I came to do it that I messed it up. So the port side sign will have to wait for another day.
After Fastsigns I went to Sailor's Exchange and swapped an old coastal liferaft and a magma grill for 9 turnbuckles for my lifelines. I spent time cutting the lifeline to length getting ready for crimping.
I also stopped by Chuck's machine shop and paid $30 for my Swiss cheese winch supports.
My diet went south today. Lunchtime I grabbed a sub sandwich to go at a gas station and tonight I ate a 12" pizza. Mmmmmmmm!

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