Saturday, December 28, 2013

Navigation light wiring

Have you ever seen spaghetti? Take a look at this.......
So I have to get ready for powering up the new navigation lights on the mast and that means either running all new wiring and installing a new circuit board or reusing the existing wiring. At one stage or other, I would actually like to sail my boat, so I chose the latter. It took me all day to figure it all out and test it to make sure it was all working including adding an extra switch for the strobe. The next photo is not for the faint of heart.
I know, I know......ugly, ugly, ugly. At one stage or other, I would like to clean all this up but for right now it will have to do. This entire boat is an absolute shambles and a real challenge to say the least. It is no wonder many never leave the dock. Take my cushions for example. I am having them redone but in the meantime those stinky things are out of the rain inside the boat smelling up the cabin.
The anchor locker is soaking wet from condensation and mouldy as all get out, so I have my heater going full blast in there.
It was so disgusting I nearly slept in the car last night. OK what makes up for it all is this......
See those boats lined up on the wharf. They are heading off into the wild blue yonder....Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, South Pacific. Keep your eyes on the prize they say.......Ok so back to reality. This is what I am working on today.
I need a stern light so I have to work out how I am going to mount it on the boom gallows. See how one project morphs into 20,000 others? Oh and I woke up in the middle of last night, remembering that I had to mount a wind indicator at the top of the mast.
So much easier to do while the mast is on the ground! 
Rain has abated so I am off back out there! 

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