Sunday, December 8, 2013

Taking the mast down

I am in the process of replacing all the standing rigging so the mast had to come down. Daniel Grace from Grace Crane did an excellent job helping. I had to climb nearly to the top of the mast for the attachment. That was exciting!
Ron from the marina is a class act! Here he is helping to load the mast onto the trailer.
Then the mast had to be taken into the work yard where the place is overflowing from boats being worked on. Weather is perfect at this time of the year for working outside and not being in hurricane season, all things are go!
The rigging was a lot worse than I thought.
While I was at it I wanted to replace all the wiring for the VHF, masthead and steaming lights. Bit of a trial to replace it. I used some very strong lashing to tie to the old wiring and then used that some lashing to pull the new wire through the mast.
I wasn't going to paint the mast but it had a few too many bald spots and once I started I kept going.
I could think of a lot worse places to be.
I ordered all my standing rigging from Bud Taplin at westsailparts but I forgot about the spreader stays, the topping lift and the running backstays, so I will send them up to rigging only for replacements.

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