Monday, December 30, 2013

Rainy days and Mondays

Always get you down? The cure for that is to come boating! Or should I say, come fixing your boat. It rained so much I was confined to the cabin. I couldn't stand the toilet, or should I say, the head, anymore so it got a good going over......
Besides cleaning, it needed bolting to the floor and the wooden stand also required securing. It was pouring outside so I went out and avast me hearties, swabbed the decks! Got soaking wet in the process. In wet weather my head (toilet) becomes a drying room to dry out wet clothes, shoes, tools or saturated wood. Anyway as soon as there was a break in the weather, I headed outside to get the dodger mounted. I was not sure how it was mounted previously so I took my best guess and screwed down 16 of these fasteners.
I had to cut some 1" stainless piping as well, so after 3 hours, I can finally stay out of the rain when I leave the companionway.
Because the dorade box was in the way, I needed to remove it and mount my other solar fan.
It took me an hour to remove the 10 screws holding it in place. This time I removed the teak circle inside the cabin.
Take a close look at the deck layers in the next photo.
Notice the 2 layers of fiberglass? This boat used to have a teak deck, and when they removed it they just stuck another layer of ply and fiberglass over the top. Talk about rock solid!
OK so here it is all finished up.
While I had the wood finish out I attacked some of the doors.
Not too shabby for a 40 year old door.
This is on the list for today's workout.
A 12 volt propane solenoid valve kit so all I have to do is throw a switch to stop the flow of gas instead of climbing the companionway and turning the tap off at the cylinder. Much safer!

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