Saturday, October 11, 2014


Sleepy little town with not much going on and surprisingly quiet considering it is a Saturday night. Lots of people out walking and taking advantage of one last summer spurt while patronizing a slew of seafood restaurants that line the main street.
Even the Walmart felt like a local 7 Eleven store and it was as empty as I have ever seen one. Pumpkins are starting to pop up on people's front door steps reminding me that Halloween is just around the corner. Time marches on and with Halloween comes autumn's leaves, and thoughts of thanksgiving and Christmas.  It's too bad that I will be gone in the morning and will not be able to dig deeper to find the many treasures that typically lie buried in charming little towns like these. It gives me a great excuse to come back!
Tomorrow the wind is favorable for a couple of days before it clocks around to the south again so I plan to take advantage of the northerly wind while I can. Tropical storm Fay near Bermuda is giving me winds that my westsail boat loves to sail in but whether or not I can live with them is another matter.

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