Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stuck in an exotic location doing boat repairs

Here I sit in Wrightsville beach waiting for my transmission to be fixed. A new one is available but at least 60 days away, so that is not an option. Josh Roberts from Specialized Mechanical is helping me fix it.
First the drive shaft had to be separated from the coupling.
Then the 8 bolts holding the housing had to come off to free the transmission.
Then we found the culprit.
The flange at the rear of the transmission was loose. We have ordered a new flange, seal and nut that should arrive tomorrow. He is also going to fix my engine starting problem with a relay and also secure the engine mounting bolts which have come loose. Meanwhile I have been busy doing boat chores. I noticed that the zinc anode was missing in front of the prop so I went for a little swim to replace it.
The hemp curls on my companionway steps have seen better days so I bought a carpet square, cut it up and screwed pieces in place.
I did take time to walk along the beautiful beach here.
And lastly, an old gentleman on a skiff here at the marina, showed me how to troll for makerel and gave me one to eat.
It was quite a challenge to cut so I need to find a sharper knife.
Nothing better than fresh fish for breakfast. Yummmmmm!

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