Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Southport to Savannah

I had to come back! When I passed through on my way north, I wanted to visit this famous cemetery, but didn't get a chance. This time, I had no excuse not to visit because I am staying alongside it at the Hinckley Yacht Marina.
The flora here is totally different from Wilmington, and the entire area is weird and spooky with Grandad's Beard growing on anything that doesn't move.
The cemetery is surprisingly peaceful and quiet with  lots of birds singing, but I can't vouch for it's nighttime reputation.
I came in early this morning at 2 am after 42 hours at sea seeking refuge from the headwinds and thunderstorms that are now hitting this area. I sailed all day Sunday but the winds died early Monday morning and I had to motor the rest of the way. Even though I had been cat napping and didn't feel too bad, I was hallucinating a fair bit. Along the way I decided to try a spot of fishing because of all the fish boils that I was passing. I tried a classic cedar plug for a couple of hours and all I caught was part of the Sargasso Sea.
So I switched to a high tech squid lure but after 3 more hours decided that I needed to do some more research.
I suspect that 5 knots is too fast for fish to catch the bait. On the other hand, dolphins had no problem prancing off my bow and were with me all day long, within arms reach.
I will hunker down here until these storms pass and then catch a favorable wind to take me further south.
It is finally cool enough that I can start using my stove!

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