Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Preparing to splash

Well after searching for a device to help change the oil in my yanmar diesel engine, I found the green device above at an Advanced Auto place. It worked a lot better than the other one to the left of the new one sold by Napa that I bought 4 years ago but the new one doesn't show how much has been collected.

It took me all day to change the oil and filter. First I had to run the engine to get the oil warm and that involved finding a few water hoses to connect to bring the water from a nearby building.  I wanted to run it anyway to check that all was ok. Then while the the pump was vacuuming out the oil, I decided to drive up the road and to buy some paint to paint my topsides because they looked so bad. Of course I had to stop for lunch.
Cute place but my word they were slow. In fact everything about this town is done at such a slow pace. The speed limit downtown here in Menomonie is either 15 or 25mph and the locals drive AT the speed limit.
I'm not going to paint the bottom as it is cold fresh water that I will be sailing in, and I will only be in for less than 2 months. Hopefully I will splash tomorrow because it is supposed to be raining Friday and Saturday.

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