Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What a difference a day makes

All the weekend warriors are gone and now I am (still) here at beautiful Horseshoe Island enjoying the vistas. It was actually a great day to catch up on some long overdue boat chores. I hadn't really cleaned up the boat since winter so today it got a good scrub. I had 9 months of mail that needed to be filed and there were a lot of little bits and pieces that needed to be done. There was no wind to speak of but it was supposed to kick in around midday. Well midday came and went without any changes so I decided to fix an ongoing problem I have been having with my autopilot. The bracket attached to the bulwarks was loose so I had to fashion a fibreglass mounting plate to strengthen it.
The problem was the access to the cavity behind the bracket. I had to act like Houdini to get to it in the engine bay plus it was hot sweaty work that took me so long to to complete. Now I am hoping that it will work tomorrow. The wind did kick up for an hour or so later in the day but by that time I was thinking about my favorite beverage rather than sailing.
Tomorrow has a better chance of getting some decent wind for sailing so I am planning to sail up to Washington Island about 20 miles north of here.

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