Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 11...just 2 days left.

Only 2 days before I finish up here. I started out the day removing the transducer that measures the depth. Here is the outside.
And here is the inside.
Inside was quite rotten.

Outside the teak was tough even after 40 years.
I guess black mold is quite destructive.
And out comes the transducer.
I finally see the light.
Now I grind away the fiberglass from the inside.
And use epoxy with mat to enclose it.
And while I am using epoxy, I put another layer behind the bobstay.
Now switching gears I try to install a hawse-pipe on the starboard bow.
It wouldn't fit though so I moved on trying to replace the steel nuts on the other hawse pipes with bronze ones. I couldn't get them off though so I gave up. This time I empteied a can of 3M 5200 on my bow.
And stern.
And finally success!!!!!!! I got a recluse spider with my new super duper retractable fly swat.
At this stage I did a run up to Home depot and bought some netting to keep the leaves clogging up my scuppers and sinking my boat on the hard.
Not sure if it will work or not but time will tell. While I was up there I treated myself to some soft chimichangas at a Mexican restaurant that were to die for. It was nice to escape the heat for an hour too.
I also got an 8 foot flexible drain pipe and installed it on the starboard side of the windlass gypsy. You can see it under the deck.
It feeds into the chain locker under the V-berth while the port gypsy feeds the anchor chain directly under the  windlass at the bow. Here again is the topside starboard view.

It was getting dark and I had to use my flash on the last 2 shots and they both came out a little blurred. I guess the camera had had enough for the day too.

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