Monday, April 8, 2013

In the yard Day 12

I worked until 1am last night cleaning out the old marine air system. Saw lots of recluse spiders and only killed one of them. Started out this morning installing a stanchion post.
Next I finished off the port side of the windlass.
Then I began cutting up pieces of fiberglass mat for the 3 projects I am working on.
To begin with I ground out the outside of the hull where the depth transducer used to be and where I had glassed on the inside yesterday.
I ground back probably half an inch.
Then cleaned it up with acetone.
Then put 5 layers on.
Then on the inside.
Then up front at the bow on the inner bobstay.
At this stage it was too hot to work so I had a siesta and afterwards went down and picked up a package from Bud Taplin at the westsail parts company. It included a set of running rigging and a new tiller all up about $700. Before I use the tiller I have to give it 2 coats of epoxy and 5 coats of varnish. I also need to make a cover for it to keep it out of this harsh sun. If I don't it will end up like my old tiller.
Craig, the previous owner stopped by and dropped of the Aries wind vane that will help me steer the boat.
It weighs a ton!
At this stage it got too hot so I retreated downstairs and fired up the air conditioning unit and ate dinner comprising a can of sardines, beans and sweet potatoes.
Afterwards I installed a hose from the bathroom sink to it's thruhull.

Finally as it was getting dark I finished up installing a hawse pipe. Trouble is I suspect the bolts and nut are brass instead of bronze.
Early to bed tonight as I am beat!

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