Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's a wrap!

Day 13......a vacation you ask? Working your tail off from dawn to past midnight in hot and freezing weather? Yes! Absolutely. Best holiday ever! So my last day started out putting up mosquito netting on the hatch over the V-berth so that I wouldn't have to wake every couple of hours from the zzzzzzzz of those pesky insects.
Measure twice, cut once. Velcro makes this stuff like child's play.
Next install navigation lights on the bow.
I am going to have to run new cable but that is for another day.
I had to cannibalize 2 to make one for the port side and even then it is slightly at an angle.
I worked the rest of the day put anchor rollers on the bow sprit. There was aluminium, stainless steel and brass involved so I had to insulate one against the other. I found some plastic tubing at Ace hardware that fit perfectly over the half inch screw and inside the bow rollers.
All finished and it looks good but what an ordeal. Especially after dry fitting them, then turning around and having to caulk to stop water egress.

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