Saturday, April 6, 2013

In the Yard Day 10

I had some wonderful neighbors right next to me that are leaving today. Thanks a million Dick and Char.
I decided not to pull out the inside of the bobstay and just to epoxy around it. I used epoxy mat with West systems epoxy which is a bit slower to cure compared to the home Depot epoxy.
I decided to fix my leaky hatch next so that meant filling the missing screw holes with tiny wooden disks.
Next I laid a layer of epoxy over it.
Then I worked on installing the windlass but ran into a snafu. The bolt holes didn't line up on the windlass.
At this stage I was getting hot and burnt out in the sun so i made a trip to sailors exchange to buy an automatic bilge pump that works. I used heat shrinking plastic connectors to connect the wires and added a layer of electrical tape to play it safe.
It was still too hot to go outside so I had a glorious siesta. After which I attacked the windlass once more. I actually used a truckers knot to pull the front bolts forward so they would fit.
Next I had a problem fitting the plastic sleeve. Because the windlass is aluminum and the bolts are stainless steel, it is important the a barrier is placed between the two metals otherwise corrosion will occur. I ended up using an oar for leverage.
All finished.
Now I had to work on the anchor chain entry to the bilge. I used a couple of pieces of mahogany and a device that cuts a circle.
I used a drill press, a hacksaw and a coping saw to cut the mahogany and epoxy sheet.
Tomorrow I will work on getting them secured.

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