Friday, April 5, 2013

In the yard day 9

Started out raining pretty hard so after dealing with lots of pots catching water inside the boat I came up with a leak proof solution that worked like a charm.
Then I installed a couple of carriage bolts on a stanchion.
Then I went below to wok on a seacock in the head and came across this guy.
He is a recluse spider and they are everywhere on the boat. He is the reason I slept in the car last night. I bought 4 foggers at the store tonight that kill spiders and I got home and read that they do not kill recluse spiders! I continued on finishing off the bowsprit and needed some parts. Meet Steve who buys wrecked boats and sells parts from them. I bought a clevis pin and a whisker pole from him.
Here is the boat that Steve lives on that broke a pin on it's mooring in the same tropical storm Beryl that messed up my boat.

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