Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stopping leaks, machine shop, inside bobstay fitting.

Rain is in the forecast so I went around the boat stopping up holes. There must be at least a hundred holes in the deck of the boat where someone at one stage had drilled a hole, installed a fitting, and then later on taken it out.
Wasn't sure what to do so I just stuck some butyl tape inside to seal it. Didn't notice the diesel filler caps holes until I went below and looked up.
The cockpit floor seal needed replacing.
Then I started fitting the hand rail on the cabin top and ran into a problem. One of the nuts inside had broken off so I needed a machine shop. Chuck runs a tight ship here at the marina and he fixed some nuts I couldn't put on fittings as well all for a princely sum of $20.
Thanks Chuck! Back on the boat I had a mad fit of cleaning with chlorox wipes.
Then it started to rain and I found where the real leak was coming from.
I didn't have too much luck with a bilge pump operated by a float switch so I have installed an automatic one. We will see if this new one works.
Finally I worked on the inside of my bobstay fitting, cleaning it out and getting it ready for some epoxy.

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