Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Beaver Island day 3

I love this place. Lots to do and see. As usual I set off and walked a couple of miles and then biked for two hours. People are really friendly and it is not too crowded because it is late in the season. The weather cooperated unlike last night. I fear I jinxed myself yesterday by saying that the worst of the weather had passed. I woke at midnight to 2 hours of wave upon wave of thunderstorms with driving rain, lightning and ferocious wind. We are supposed to get another round tonight but this time not so severe. Tomorrow I am heading across the lake and if conditions are right I will continue overnight all the way through to Menomonie. I know I have been threatening to do an overnight ever since I got back here but the wind is favourable until Thursday morning and then after that it dies and clocks to the South which would mean a headwind. Anyway here are a few pictures from this place.

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