Friday, August 3, 2018

Cleary Cove

I was here last year and had to return to see it again. Only difference is that this year there are four other boats, whereas last year I had just about the whole North Channel to myself.

I finally got to swim today. Up to now the water temperature has been in the 60’s and I had got into a routine of climbing down my swim ladder and putting my legs into the water for a few minutes or so until I got used to it enough that I could float around for a few minutes on a pool noodle. Today the water temperature was 72 and it was warm enough that I could actually swim around the boat. What gave me motivation was that I had just gone for a long hike and been eaten alive by these black flies. Nastiest things around. Anyway, going for a swim seemed to relieve all the bites I had on my hands, face and neck.

Up here in the North Channel, it is very rare to see a rugged ocean going sailboat like Onapua. Most of the boats are Catalinas or Hunters or boats that are set up with a sugar scoop with large cockpits for entertaining. Either that or motor boats although I must say that the majority are sailboats probably because of the great sailing conditions up here. There always seems to be a good breeze so you only have to use your engine for getting in and out of Harbor. Today I only had to go 5 miles and even though it was a light breeze, I was quite comfortable with going along at three knots. Anyway because my boat is so unusual it tends to attract a lot of attention and inspire the imagination of those who would like to sail further than just in the vicinity of their backyards.

I have had great cell coverage up to now here in Canada with my project Fi but today has been the first day without 4G LTE service so I cannot post any photos.

Tomorrow I will sail just a short distance again around the corner to Moilles Harbor where last year I saw a black bear for the first time in the wild.

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