Friday, August 31, 2018

Detroit Harbor, Washington island

What an amazing day it was yesterday. Beautiful, clear blue skies, with little wind, and a little chilly surprisingly, while some parts of the country are suffering a heat wave. There were just two other skiffs here in the harbor enjoying the day and another jon boat with a couple of fishermen on board.

It is actually a myth that everyone likes to get away from the maddening crowd and search out secluded coves idling away the day reading books and taking it easy. Most of the idyllic coves that I have been to even in the height of summer have been empty with my boat being the only one around. Mind you, that is during the week because when the weekend warriors are out, those empty bays become full of jet skis, young kids and partying. It is either one or the other and with Labor day weekend around the corner, I am confident that this Bay will become full.

Monday may be the only time I can sail to my target of Menomonie. Today the prevailing SW winds in the direction that I am heading, have returned with a vengeance with thunderstorms again predicted overnight. I have had my fair share of bad weather so far this summer and I am ready to call it a wash and head down under again for a fairer climate.

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