Monday, August 20, 2018

Milford Haven

I had a long sail of 45 Nm in front of me and the winds were less than 10 knots when I woke this morning but after some periods of little or no wind, rain and the occasional gust of 20 knots I made it here. Phew! I did use the motor for about 40 minutes when the wind died and I had confused seas but other than that I had 10 hours of great sailing averaging 5 knots with the help of my oversized Genoa. This will be my last day in Canada because tomorrow I plan on sailing the 8 Nm south of here to Drummond Island which is a port of entry into the USA. I actually enter the country using an app that is called CBP ROAM. It replaces the old SVRS system for cruising back into the USA. Very convenient with just a 5 minute phone call required.

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