Sunday, August 26, 2018

Beaver Island

I sailed the 30 miles across here yesterday at often hull speed or maybe a little less. I was over canvassed to say the least. The forcasted weather was the same as the day before where I had very little wind for sailing and had to motor all day. Most of the time yesterday it was 20 knots or more. I accept the fact that a metrologist might make a few mistakes but how can they be that far off?

Needless to say it gives me no faith in their predictions for this week. The forecast for the next few days is downright scary so I have put both my anchors out and I am hoping for the best. Thunderstorms are predicted for tonight and along with strong winds that are not meant to lesson until Thursday. At times like this, I am thankful for a strong boat and so glad that I do not have a Hunter or Catalina.

This protected harbor is as still as a millpond at the moment and I wish I could post a better picture of this beautiful scenery. The calm before the storm.

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