Monday, March 13, 2017

Montserrat to the BVI'S

Well I made it! Phew! I was going to stop off at one of the many islands that I passed on the way but in the end I decided to push through and overnight it here. GORGEOUS weather and perfect for sailing with a full moon to guide me. I would have liked it if I could have stopped at Saba on my way through, but the anchorage was an open roadstead and I figured, if I was going to be tossed and turned all night long, I might just as well be sailing.
There are no sandy beaches here and all the houses are way up high on the few plateaus. It is a Dutch protectorate and has the smallest airport in the world at only 400 meters long.
This guy joined me there and kept me company through the wee hours all the way to Virgin Gourda. I took a photo at first with my flash, but that scared him off but he returned to my gallows and this time I took the photo with the full moon giving him a silhouette.

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