Tuesday, March 28, 2017

To Cuba Day 1

We are having a wonderful sail. Smooth seas, steady breeze, warm and no rain or squalls. We are doing 3 hours on and 3 hours off.

Sailing solo is very different from sailing with crew. When you are by yourself, there is no time that you can relax.

This afternoon we loaded provisions onto the boat mainly from Kurt's boat. My refrigerator is not as big as his so we have a lot to eat before it goes off.

Normally when I do a blog posting, I focus on one topic. But when I am using my Inreach, each of the messages are just 160 characters so I can't say much.

There's no moon tonight so it is pitch black outside. I do see a light on my Port side on the horizon that is probably Puerto Rico.

Sailing on board a boat is so mesmerizing. It's somewhat similar to watching a fire or waves crashing on a beach. It is so beautiful tonight with all the stars.

We just passed within half a mile of a huge cruise ship called Disney Fantasy. I could have read a book from all the lights on the boat.

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