Friday, March 31, 2017

To Cuba Day 4

Just woke from a 4 hour sleep! Unheard of back in my solo sailing days. Having crew 
makes a huge difference. Plus the condition are perfect.

Still doing 6 knots on a broad reach in 12 knots. Seas are calm with no clouds and a 
beautiful star studded night. Couldn't ask for more!

Still romping along doing 6 knots in clocking wind. We are on a deep reach with 
increasing winds and building seas. Another beautiful day with just a few clouds

Kurt has been an awesome chef so far cooking twice a day. He outdid himself this 
morning with real strawberry pancakes, maple and bacon.

Land ho! We can just see the Dominican republic coast 30 miles to the south. There has 
been no shipping for the past 12 hours.

The wind died down around lunch time so we raised the spinnaker and since then we 
have been going about 5 knots. We had to steer off course a little to run.

Back motor sailing. We were goose winging it but our batteries were struggling a bit with 
the refrigerator so we decided to charge them with the engine.

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