Friday, March 3, 2017

Reunion with ex Westsailers

Back in August, 2014, I met up with Brian and Stephanie on s/v Rode Trip, a Westsail 32 like Onapua. They had some great adventures to share and it was inspiring to listen to their future plans. They enjoyed Cruising so much, they decided to invest in a newer boat, a beautiful Alliage 41 called Detour.
It is significantly different to the Westsail, in that it is aluminum and not fibreglass, it has a bow thruster and a centerboard. Well after Cruising the canals in Europe, they decided to cross the ditch and I met up with them today in Pointe-a-Pitre, the largest city here in Guadeloupe.
Brian told me the biggest change that he noticed with his new boat was the fact that it was dry. No leaks. Hard to imagine and I can tell you first hand that their boat was stunning.
It has a teak like surface that is synthetic, not too hot and gives a very good grip. Below decks was nothing short of incredible.

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