Sunday, March 19, 2017

White albino turtle

Well yesterday a white adult sea turtle surfaced behind the boat. I did not get a photo unfortunately and he took one good look at us and dived back down again. I looked up the internet and not only did I not find any photos, but the only comment was on Wikipedia that said this.....

Albino tortoises and turtles are uncommon; The shells have an almost yellow colouration and they have pink eyes. For turtles, a pure white colour is nearly impossible, even with albinism. Albino turtles can have a longer lifespan than many other albino animals; their hard shells help to prevent predation and other environmental challenges. Vision and sensory organs are slightly affected.

PS. Ok so I have a couple of photos of him but they are not the greatest and if I get better ones I will upload them.
Notice that he doesn't have a pink eye which indicates that he is not an albino.

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