Saturday, March 18, 2017

Oil Nut Bay

Unlike a lot of the failed building projects that litter the hillsides of the Caribbean, including one a mere mile away, there is one gigantic resort here in Virgin Gourda that is nearing completion. I went for a long walk to check it out.
Now this place is lavish, let me tell you. There are 200 full time employees who are taken there by boat every day because there is no road access. It is intended for the wealthy with 88 multi-million dollar villas, and led by American developer David Johnson and his company, Victor International. Only time will tell if they manage to sell these and I would be curious to hear the justification behind it all. I just can't see that there would be that many people who would want to spend a million dollars for a vacation home to spend a few weeks at every year. Even as a retirement community, it sounds a bit of a stretch. Its probably more likely that someone has an awful lot of cash that they need to dispose of. One way or another, I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that it will be a ghost town for any future residents.

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