Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Florida Bound Day 1

Am motor sailing in lumpy conditions and making good progress with the gulf stream giving me a push

The next 24 hours is shaping up to be a tad on the rough side so I took a patch and now I feel sleepy and thirsty.

My strategy for getting to Stuart in Florida is to motor sail to the gulf stream axis and then sail it all the way to Port St Lucie

If it gets too rough tonight I will go north out of the stream and then come back in again when the wind moderates.

I lost my seasickness patch and I have decided to tough it out without anything. I feel good now despite the rough conditions.

I have some nausea pills if I do feel queasy.

Cuba customs delayed my departure this morning.

Another official had thought I was using my satellite phone when I was listening to the net on my VHF

I have a mountain of photos collected over the past 3 weeks to process once I get to Florida.

Trouble is I will be jumping right onto a boat bound for Rhode island so I will not get much time to look at them.

Just cooked myself an onion, rice and beans with a cucumber for dinner. Even though I am single hander, there's other boats within VHF range for me to chat with which is nice. I have just reached the axis of the gulf stream which is nice

I can tell when I am in the gulf stream by the temperature of the water. Right now it is 80 at the axis & when I left Cuba it was 77

Dusk is settling. Wind NE 20 knots. Seas confused. I have just a staysail and one reef in the main sail. No rain or squalls so far.

Got hammered by a squall for a couple of hours. Have a headache so am going to try and sleep. Engine overheating.

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