Wednesday, April 12, 2017

In Cuba Day 5

Today I went on a 3 hour drive in a 1950 ford down to the Bay of Pigs to go 
snorkeling. It was a good chance to see the flat, dry countryside.

Agriculture is very primitive with no irrigation, and machetes and horse drawn 
carriages in widespread use. Lots of avocado, guava and papaya orchards.

Fruit and vegetable street stalls are common here but sell only locally sourced 
seasonal produce. Needless to say that it is all organic and none imported.

I went with a fellow cruiser to purchase some Cuban cigars. He ended up buying a 
box of some top of the line Cohibas

A box of 25 for $80. A lot of Cubans do smoke but I have noticed that there doesn't 
appear to be an obesity problem here

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