Sunday, April 9, 2017

In Cuba Day 3

Yesterday we saw around about 15 more Paladars including some in old Havana. We also stopped for some delicious ice cream for less than 10 cents each.

More Paladar restaurants today. We ate lunch @ Artechef that produces cooking videos for television. Huge lobster, elegant, great service, peaceful and upscale

There is ten pin bowling not 20 yards from my boat so my crew and I visited it for a game last night around midnight. Lots of fun.

I went by Castro's home today, very near to the marina and as you would expect, the military presence is very prominent. I will go into this more in the USA.

Havana is very spread out. There are some high rises but most people have a concrete house with a garden where they grow fruits and vegetables.

Sunday is just another day here. I told the worker sanding my boat to take the day off along with my taxi driver and my interpreter and they all were surprised

Even though Cuba has been isolated, and as a result behind in many respects, they are way ahead in healthcare. A couple of cruisers had 1st hand experiences

One cruiser discovered blood in his urine & within an hour he had an MRI where they discovered a "growth" & he is due to fly out tomorrow 2 the USA for an op.

Music here is as up to date as in any country. Bars play the same hits that u would hear anywhere. Young people wear white "Beat" headphones from smartphones

Saw a Saturday baseball match this morning. Lots of spectators, brightly colored uniforms and energetic players. Soccer season has just finished.

I had expected busking on the street but live music seems to be confined. Lots of radio stations with great selection and quality.

Transportation here has almost a cult following. I have yet to see a single dent in a car and everyone knows each make, model and year.

We went to an open air auditorium where Castro made poor Cuban's stand for hours listening to him. I can see a difficult transition soon to a new leader

There is a special currency here called kooks that was meant for tourists but everyone uses it because the local peso currency is worthless & 2 bulky to carry

Streets are relatively clean with lots of workers but I have also noticed a lot of people who seem to be out of work on the streets in the middle of the day.

I just came back from listening to a live band at a nearby hotel and WOW!!!..... no karioke tricks here and mostly original music.

VERY talented singers, guitarists, drummers and superb trumpet player. Awesome experience! I was surprised that there were only a couple of couples dancing.

There were 3 guitarists at lunch yesterday that showed the same talent. Male Cuban's have beautiful singing voices.

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