Wednesday, April 5, 2017

To Cuba Day 9

We slowed down last night and at this point we will b conservative in our sail plan. Don't 
want 2b early to Marina Hemingway tomorrow morning

Wow talk about Night and day. Our wind died so we put up our genoa and shook the reef 
out of the main and are still only making 4.5 knots! Ce la vie.

I'm starting to get really excited about getting there tomorrow morning. I am busy getting 
the boat ready and reviewing all the entry instructions.

We have had the fishing line out all day and have caught nothing. The reason seems to be 
that we are going just 5 knots compared to 7 yesterday.

All of a sudden, our boat speed dropped to 3 knots......We had found the gulf stream! Our 
log says 5.5 knots but our speed over ground from our GPS is just 6kn

Can't wait for 2 cold beverages in the fridge waiting 4 us to celebrate tomorrow. Heading 
inshore 2 get out of the current even though we are not supposed to

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