Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In Cuba Day 4

Today I abandoned the taxis and hopped on my bike to check out all the Paladar 
restaurants nearby. There were many "cafeteria" places that offered cheap food

These places were on street corners, often just a stall in front of someone's home. Prices 
were cheap, usually in paseos

it wasn't unusual to eat on a bench or under a verandah in front of a service window.

Yesterday seemed like a family day here. Homes in the afternoon had meals going on in 
verandahs and there were lots of people just going for a stroll

Cars here usually have more than one person in them and a lot of the time they are full. 
You would be hard pressed to find any cars with just the driver

Today I bought a mango that was the largest and sweetest I had ever seen for about 30 
cents. The street stall was under a mango tree with 100s of fruit on it

Paladar restaurants again all afternoon. This time they were only Cuban where payment 
was in paseos. Great food and friendly people.

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