Friday, April 14, 2017

In Cuba Day 7

Another Westsail 32 called "Alaya" left for Mexico this morning with Mike on board. 
He bought his boat a year ago in Mississippi and repowered with a beta 38

Last night we all went out to a bowling alley and had a few hours of fun. Lots of 
locals were there even though it was a week night

Today I am planning a relaxing day. I haven't got any trips planned and I want to do 
a couple of boat chores in preparation for leaving next Tuesday

I did a run to the fruit and vegetable stall and I bought pineapples, tomatoes, 
cucumber, papaya, mango and vegetables for $6.

Several people have offered me money for my bike here and initially I was going to 
give it away to one of the security guards here who has to walk a long way to work 
every day but then I found out that I would have to pay duty on it for importing it & 
also I am not supposed to violate the terms of my 3300 agreement

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