Friday, April 11, 2014

Autopilot, head and windlass

Took the photo of the boat this morning on a bright and beautiful day here in Florida!
Started out caulking under my new caprail before I got too tired.
Then I exercised my windlass.
The head was overdue looking at so I filled it up with warm water and started pumping all to no avail.
I applied plenty of grease to the gasket and that seemed to fix the problem.
While I was continuing my rudder repair with epoxy, I noticed this 2" X 2" spot under the keel.
I used a screwdriver to remove loose covering over the keel and started into it with a wire brush.
Then I used several layers of epoxy to repair it.
Next the autopilot, a Raymarine ST4000+ had to be installed.
This tough little monster should free me up from steering the boat and allow me to trim the sails and other tasks.
 That metal backing plate was a real challenge to install behind the bulwark.
I installed the power plug under the ram.
Only  trouble was, after I put it all together, the jolly thing didn't work.
Actually the head worked OK.
So tomorrow, I have to work out how to pull the Ram apart and fix it. Fun, fun, fun!

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