Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Cushions and water tanks

I am so excited about getting my new upholstery all complete I did a video of it. Dorothy from CanAm canvas services here in the marina did them.

Fantastic job.
I had a small repair under the table that I fixed.
It is not a permanent repair but will do until I have time to fix it properly.
I smoothed off the bottom of the rudder and shoe with my rasp and put down another layer of epoxy.
I discovered that my new whale gusher bilge pump was not working so I pulled it apart and cleaned it.
After all that it still would not work and I tracked it down to a black leaky hose which I replaced.
Here is a better picture of Ibis in front of my boat ready to be transported up to New Jersey.
My water tanks arrived via FedEx!
So I removed the old ones from under the sole floor.
One down, one to go.
I had to put 2 vice grips on the end to get it out.
Going, going, gone.
All empty now.
The new ones look cleaner than the old ones.
Looks too clean to be in the dirty bilge.
Now connect hoses.
These new poly tanks only weigh 38lbs.
Filling them with water.
And we have lift off.
I took the filter out of the water filter and ran a couple of gallons through before I put  it back in.
Dinner tonight was a  chick pea avocado tuna salad with a blueberry mandarin dessert.

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