Monday, April 7, 2014

Sewing and rudder.

My Mum used to sew a lot so I have it in my blood so it seems.
I am using sunbrella with wally world outdoor thread, reinforcing industrial strength glue backed Velcro. I don't have a sewing machine but I cannot just sit around and watch my new oak bowsprit get destroyed by the sun.
I laid strips of velcro and put the sunbrella over the top.
Ditto for the aft hatch.
And the forward hatch.
While I had the thread and needle out I reinforced the Velcro on the mosquito screen.
While I had the camera topside, here is a photo of the bimini that I discovered below. Talk about a lifesaver from the Florida heat.
I installed a new paper towel dispenser in the head.
Put in a battery box strap over the port side house battery.
Next, i went outside down to the propeller, to change the anode zinc.
Here is the new one installed.
While I was at it I took to the propeller with a plastic scraper.
And while I was in the general area I added a carriage bolt missing from the lower gudgeon on  the rudder.
Now I had  bronze nut but only a stainless steel bolt so along with every other bolt on the rudder, it will have a problem with dissimilar metals.
Even more worrisome is the weeping I got from the bottom of the rudder. Eeeeek!
So tomorrow the plan is to dig out all the wet junk i can find in there and replace it with expanding  foam. I will then epoxy to cover at all.
Finally I did a video of me taking out and then putting back the cockpit floor.

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