Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Changing the oil

Here is  a picture of me changing the oil on my Yanmar engine.
Yes you saw it right but it didn't start out this way. My goal for the day was to change the oil, diesel, water and filters on the engine. I bought a hand pump to change the oil and here it is in action.
 The idea is that you stick the black hose down the dipstick hole and pump out the oil. Well after pumping intensively for 40 minutes I had pumped only about a pint of oil and I was exhausted. The problem was that the rubber hose was too flimsy and kept getting blocked up. So following my tried and proven mantra, of not giving up and instead going shopping I headed for our local Napa.  OK so i had checked on the internet and there were lots of good reviews for these things.
Well let me tell you..........changing the oil was a cake walk with  this gadget. All I had to do was stick the stiff plastic tube down the dipstick hole and give it a little pump. It was all done  in 20 minutes. From now on  there will be no more crawling under the car for me. I can change the oil on the car with it without much effort. The big downside for me is the shear size of the thing. I really do not have the room for it on the boat.
While I was there I also did the easy task of changing the oil filter.
The  next thing I had to do was to transfer all the diesel over from one tank to the other.
So here am I running the nice looking, albeit old diesel out of the starboard tank into a yellow can.
And pouring  it into the port tank. The diesel has two filters, the first being a Racor filter.
Looks not too bad on the outside but take a look inside.
There is also a fuel filter on the motor that I changed.
And lastly  I need to have a look at the  sea water strainer.
Inside is where it counts.
Hard to believe how any water could come through there at all.
These are the little motor mounts that are on my list for tomorrow.
And here is my dinner courtesy of Wally World.

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