Thursday, April 3, 2014

Replacing Motor Mounts

I knew going into this job that it was likely to be all day but like all tasks it ended up by taking more effort and more time than I had anticipated.
Here is one of these evil objects.
And here is where a new one is going.
The new ones take a little persuasion to go into place.
But finally it knows it's place.
The thing is, I am not finished. I am having trouble removing 3 bolts on the last mount.  I am having Al come around tomorrow to hopefully get this  project finished. 
I did venture out to get a part at lunchtime and ended up spending $230 for spare nuts and bolts at a boat 3 up from me that was selling up everything because of health reasons.
So hopefully I will not have to take off to the store to buy a spare screw or nut from now on.

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