Thursday, April 10, 2014

Consummatum est

The last thing needed on the boat to go sailing was the starboard genoa track. But before I could get to it, I needed to finish off the water system on the boat. Before the water tanks were installed yesterday, I was working off a 2 gallon water tank on the boat for washing hands, tea water and so camping! At least now I had a foot pump to provide water to the galley sink, but I really did not like washing my hands there. So I worked on the pump from in the head.
I spent a good part of the morning trying to fix my Fynspray to no avail. The trouble was that I could not work out how it came apart. I was just about to give up when I went to the internet one last time and discovered a detailed picture of it taken apart. Eureka! It is just like an old bicycle pump. The barrel unscrews off. And the washer is just a flat circle of leather that had dried out. After that it was a cake walk to fix. Now I have a good flow of fresh water to the head for washing hands.
So now to the genoa track.
I bent it around the caprail, screwing it in from aft forward.
I then took off all the screws, cleaned the caprail and gave it another coat of cetol.
Then I screwed it down one last time, adding caulk to the holes so that hopefully, it will not leak.
So other than the fact that I have to attempt to add some nuts and washers to the bottom side of the screws, I am done.
Now at long last, I can take my boat sailing.

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