Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gully Washer

Spent  most of the day fixing the Chevy and at one stage it looked like I would be hoofing it from the GM dealership 5 miles down the road, but fortunately youtube came to my rescue and I was able to work out the serpentine belt tightening procedure. I did do a couple of boat projects this afternoon. I swapped out the racor fuel filter gauge.
I hope that the new one doesn't rust as much as the old one. For $132 it should be gold plated!
 I swapped the batteries over because the new one I bought yesterday is a true deep cycle battery and more suited as a house battery. The old one shown here is the one I will be using to start the engine with.
I also cleaned and vacuumed around the area and I yet have to install some straps to hold both the battery boxes down. While I was at it I checked the water levels inside the old battery but they were all full and didn't need any.
At this stage I could hear a storm brewing outside with thunder and lightening so I went outside and shot some photos so that you can see where I am hanging out. Here comes the rain.
This black bird on my neighbor's rigging was a bit concerned too.
They pack these boats in pretty close here at the marina.
And here. That orange one on the right is an Ibis which is a classic wooden boat.
Here are boats lined up on  the wharf waiting to be hauled.
This is my morning coffee view from my bow.
And here.

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