Friday, April 4, 2014

Engine refurbishment complete

Today all the different Yanmar engine projects saw their completion with the running of the engine for about 20 minutes at the the end of the day. To sum up; The engine had not been started in at least 2 years so I set about replacing all the key parts.
1. I removed the 2 year old diesel fuel from the starboard tank to the port tank and put 5 gallons of fresh diesel into the port tank and used that. The old diesel actually looked OK.
2. I replaced  the 4 engine mounts
3. I replaced the oil and oil filter.
3. I replaced the 2 fuel filters and cleaned out the racor filter.
4. I cleaned out the sea water cooling system
5. I replaced  the water impeller.
6. I replaced the thermostat.

I could not unbolt 2 bolts on the port fore engine mount so I worked around it. You can see them on the right
I took the water pump impeller out of the housing.
The old one on the right actually looks OK so I will keep it as a spare.
Changing the thermostat was a piece of cake. The most painful part was paying for it.
It is a 160 degree thermostat so it allows the red coolant to flow after that temperature. Here it is at 150 degrees.
Finally here is a video of Al who helped me out starting the engine at the end of the day. He was really helpful and it was handy having a professional there for the crucial part.
At the last moment we had battery problems and I ended up running up to the store for a new battery to be able to start the engine. Last time I used my car battery but that was enough to kill it so i had to run out a second time tonight to buy another battery, this time for my car. I bought a new alternator for it as well so tomorrow morning is going to be a car engine work morning.
Overall I liked the diesel engine to work on and so far the engine I have seems to be quite good. I will wait to align the prop shaft when I launch her but otherwise I will not need to do anymore work on the engine side of the boat. Oh one small thing that I still have to do is install a pressure gauge for the racor. The old one does not work anymore.

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