Sunday, April 6, 2014


PO's as in previous owners are a much maligned group and much as I hate to criticize anyone, the following just irks the heck out of me.
There are six of these with just one screw in them. Here is another one.......
There are 2 of these. Why are the nuts not screwed all the way up? OK so all fixed now and someday I will be a PO too!
It goes against my grain to get rid of stuff but this Bowmar charger is only putting out 4 volts and has seen better days.
I bought an automatic charger as a stop gap measure but it only charges up to 12.9 volts before going to float instead of the 14 required for deep cycle batteries. My plan is to get a solar panel that will take it up to that higher voltage but I  want to wait another 6 months to start my electronic spending.
Time for some leak  fixing on deck with 3M 4200 and cetol painting of all the cap rails.
And lastly installed the port side boom stay.
Tomorrow I have a bunch of Velcro sewing that I want to do. Dinner tonight was peas, carrots, black eyed peas and yogurt with organic berries for dessert. Before bed and a shower I am off for my nightly 4 mile walk of the docks so I don't get atrophy.

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