Monday, September 29, 2014

Coinjock to Alligator River to Bellhaven

We didn't have the internet last night in the Alligator River so we couldn't update the blog. This is only the second time Verizon has failed us. We motored all the way today but yesterday we had a great sail with a drifter wing on wing for most of the day. Nearly 6 knots with 14 knots of breeze.
We had some fun taking videos and photos at the top of the mast while motoring.
Take a look at the fantastic view of a bridge as you approach it from the top of the mast.
Boat chores are never far away, and here is some chafe protection on my traveler against the dinghy using fire-hose.
We had to test out our prowess at the local pool tables. 
Unbelievable charcuterie at the spoon river cafe here in Bellhaven.
And can you believe it, but Theresa, the owner of the restaurant, graciously drove us back to the boat in her electric car.


  1. John soundly beat me in the first game but I rebounded and squeeked past him in the second and third. Which reminds me.....he owes me a dollar!


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